We have an unchangeable, immutable nature within that is our True Self. It is with us at the moment of birth. Life events with family and the world at large may create an overwhelming atmosphere for us as sensitive little beings and we may respond by developing a safe self or what could be called a false self to gently create a field of protection. This may evolve and develop into a way of navigating through relationships into adulthood and be undifferentiated. We could be painfully aware of this, completely removed from it or develop a skillful practice and knowingness of how it operates. It may become an addiction or a reliance on outside resources to help us feel in balance.

Looking at the fall season, we can use this as a metaphor of letting go of that which binds us in order to be reunited with the True Self, the Whole Self. As the leaves fall and the colors mute and the energy moves inward, we can draw a parallel to our own efforts to soften the rigid mind and body and go deeper into the layers of ourselves. We can begin to recognize what is truly needed and what is ready to be released. And we can practice this time and time again; we can meet ourselves where we are versus thinking it has to be one big, fantastic global explosion! We can move into our True Nature, our True Self and have the chance to experience more acceptance and more peace in our life when we learn to let go of old, outdated ways of being. We are updating our files year after year, time after time.

Insight meditation which the yogis have spoken about for thousands of years, is a practice that usually requires time and energy. Just as it took much energy to develop a safe self, it takes much work to disengage with the habit of believing this is all there is and needs to be, and that a true breakthrough and healing can reveal anything more. While it’s not a matter of one is right, one is wrong, it’s more a matter of more will be revealed. By trusting the process, we can accept that some things take a while to restore and will spring forward when the time, or season is ripe for it.

Not all are drawn to this way of interpreting our time here on this planet. And some are far more drawn to study it, which the practice of jnana yoga offers — the path of self-inquiry: Who am I? Many enjoy the practice of hatha yoga — moving the body in and out of yogic postures that can help heal and bring ease to otherwise restricted areas that hold useful information. Either way, when we have the sense that something is out of balance, it may be that we are feeling the conflict of self that is attempting to express the greater joys that we’ve forgotten are inherently ours. When we can center in on this awareness, our entire health and well-being is benefited. We make better choices and aim to take the best care of this body/mind as we are able. We are of better use within our families, communities and all relationships. We can sense we are here for a specific and likely higher purpose that is filled with peace and joy, love and light.

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