M Spa Yoga – Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What do I wear to yoga class?

Same as you would wear to the gym (except no shoes or socks) or any comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Barefoot is suggested to give better traction in the poses.

2.  What is the location for M Spa Yoga Group Classes and Private 1:1 Sessions?

M Spa – 2187 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94114.

All M Spa Yoga Group Classes and Private 1:1 Sessions take place in the studio adjacent to M Spa in the Castro. Enter through the M Spa main door and check-in at the front desk.

3.  Do I need a yoga mat?

M Spa Yoga provides Jade Harmony yoga mats and basic props, but we suggest that you also look into purchasing a mat and yoga towel mat as part of your personal practice.

  1. Does M Spa Yoga or M Spa sell yoga mats or props?

Not yet. We are looking into doing that at some point for your convenience.

  1. What days/times are group classes?


7:30am-8:45am – Yoga for Beginners (Marc)

9am-10:15am – Intermediate Hatha Flow (Marc)

6:30pm-7:45pm – Mixed Level Hatha Flow (Marc)


9am-10:15am – Beginners Hatha Yoga (Kealoha)

6pm-7:15pm – Intermediate Hatha Flow (Marc)


9am-10:15am – Beginners Hatha Flow (Marc)

  1. Will you be adding more classes?

Yes, the plan is to grow once demand grows. More teachers and various types of yoga classes are being considered.

  1. What style of yoga is being taught?

The current teachers are trained with Integral Yoga Hatha Yoga, the teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda. Integral Yoga is based on the classic hatha yoga teachings and the focus is on finding your edge without straining, connecting with breath and honoring the body’s natural inclination towards wellness.

  1. Can I just pay cash for the class?

Ideally, we are only taking credit cards online via MINDBODY.  Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover are accepted.

Cash and check payments will be welcomed and can be noted on the MINDBODY app/website. We can set up your account on YOGAMUKUNDA MINDBODY if you need assistance.

  1. Can I book my classes or appointments by calling M Spa directly?

Not at this time. YOGAMUKUNDA will be handling ALL of the M Spa Yoga class bookings, private session appointments and membership sales at this point. The M Spa front desk staff can help with basic questions but are not able to book your classes or appointments or sell memberships. We are aiming to guide all clients to self-book and self-pay using the MINDBODY site and app. This may change in the future, but for now this is the process. Please direct all inquires to info@yogamukunda.com or by calling 415-802-7497.

  1. Can anyone take these classes?

Yes, but primarily we are inviting the M Spa clientele who have asked for this additional service as a convenience to their wellness options at M Spa. M Spa Yoga’s aim is to offer this opportunity to practice yoga for people who typically choose not to visit the standard yoga studios or who wish for a more relaxed, intimate environment with highly skilled teachers.

All clients who wish to attend any M Spa Yoga service must sign a liability waiver and give the necessary information to create a profile in the MINDBODY site. This is either via the MINDBODY app, website or in person if no computer/phone access is available.

  1. Why is the business called M Spa Yoga by YOGAMUKUNDA?

YOGAMUKUNDA is the independent business run by Marc Morozumi offering yoga and massage therapy to individuals, corporate clients and studios. M Spa has collaborated with YOGAMUKUNDA to build a yoga space with classes and sessions in M Spa’s adjacent studio.

M Spa is currently in the role as “host” of the M Spa Yoga services.  YOGAMUKUNDA is managing all scheduling, payment processing and teaching. All questions, monthly memberships, class and appointment reservations should be directed to YOGAMUKUNDA and can be accessed via this website.  For any questions or difficulty signing up through the MINDBODY site or app, email: info@yogamukunda.com or call:  415-802-7497.

  1. Can I upgrade and use the cost of my first class towards a bundle of classes, membership, etc.?

Yes, no problem. Please send an email to info@yogamukunda.com with your interest in upgrading. You can upgrade either the class passes or the private 1:1 sessions as well as from the VIP membership to the Deluxe VIP membership.

  1. Can anyone taking yoga use the M spa facilities?

Only clients from the Group Classes who have either booked a spa treatment with M Spa that either immediately precedes or follows their scheduled class or who have purchased a locker/shower pass from the M Spa front desk ($10) will have access in accordance with M Spa’s rules of spa use. Clients who have Monthly Memberships OR have booked a Private 1:1 Session are given access to the spa facilities on the day of their Group Class or Private Session unless there are noted restrictions by the front desk due to M Spa reaching maximum capacity for M Spa Services.

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