M Spa Yoga Teachers + Class Descriptions

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M Spa Yoga teachers are rooted in the classic yogic teachings.  They are Registered Yoga Teachers through Yoga Alliance (RYT) and hold certificates from various trainings via Integral Yoga and are currently teachers at the Integral Yoga Institute in San Francisco. Collectively, they have taught hundreds of classes and workshops, guided students through teacher trainings and currently run their own businesses in the wellness industry. See below for more information on our teachers.

Yoga is an ancient practice which current science continues to prove has many exceptional benefits (Huffington Post, ForbesHarvard Health Publishing, Scientific American, Medical News Today). Healthy function of the heart, brain, digestive system and nervous system are addressed in particular, but yoga addresses every system of the body. It also attends to mental and emotional well-being by focusing on moving the body in specific ways that unlock the body/mind potential.

The classes offered at M Spa Yoga range from beginner to advanced.  If you are brand new to yoga, we recommend trying several classes first or setting up an appointment for a Private 1:1 Session to build a base of understanding of the practice. Hatha yoga examines the principle idea that we are a mind/body/spirit, multidimensional being. We have a tendency to try and separate and misidentify with who and what we are and yoga offers a calling back to the union of the Self.   Here are the classes M Spa Yoga offers:

Beginner Hatha (Currently taught by Kealoha – About Kealoha)

  • For those interested in yoga but unsure how to start
  • Designed to inspire the newer students with yoga basics
  • All levels welcome but gives particular guidance for new students

Not only is the physical body attended to in order to boost digestive and spinal health, but the mental and emotional body receive inspiration to lower stress and anxiety and improve sleep and peaceful awareness. This is a special class to help guide you towards understanding the practical and valuable aspects of this holistic, Integral Yoga practice.

Intermediate and All Level Hatha Flow (Currently taught by Marc – About Marc)

  • Builds toward to the right challenge for all levels
  • For those who enjoy being in a mixed level group
  • Establishes confidence with building a yoga practice

By building strength, flexibility AND restoring the body, we are given better tools for managing a busy life. There is focus on detailing the yogic postures with equal focus on transitions and connection with breath. Beginners are encouraged and options will be given for every level of practice.

Melanie Takahashi has been a dedicated practitioner of yoga and meditation for over 20 years.  She is trained to instruct gentle, beginner,  intermediate, and advanced levels of yoga.  She encourages students to have an inward experience of the class by approaching yoga as a moving meditation that incorporates the breath.

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