The humbling journey with body pain and pain management as a dancer has become part of Marc’s empowering journey as a massage therapist. Marc trained in 2015-2016 at the San Francisco School of Massage and currently shares these techniques with clients to help create a productive and enjoyable massage experience:

  • Swedish massage to soften and move muscle tissue simply for relaxation or in preparation for deeper work
  • Deep tissue to target areas that are asking for slower and deeper pressure
  • Trigger point to focus the healing work at the source that is referring pain to additional areas of the body
  • Myofascial release to assist in the release of muscular tightness or shortness, moving slowly and thoroughly
  • Orthobionomy to address chronic pain from habitual patterns using gentle motions and body positioning
  • Passive and resistance stretching to aid the body with healthy blood circulation and relieve muscle tightness
  • Sports massage to either restore after exercise or invigorate before, this is a very active, yet restorative practice
  • Energy work to encourage the healing body forward, calling on the body’s natural desire for balance

Massage therapy is best understood as a way to guide the body toward healing. One session may or may not provide instant relief or freedom from pain and discomfort. In fact, sometimes you may experience moderate discomfort after a session which is sometimes part of and not necessarily the order of the healing process. The body, and how it realizes physical pain is a complex and often multi-layered process. The healing may often work in the same way, where care and mindful work will help create the best process possible.

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