Establish a direct relationship with your personal yoga teacher and build a practice that helps you in the areas specifically requested. Whether it’s gaining more awareness of the physical postures, managing stress and life balance or developing a spiritual practice, direction from the yogic teachings will be offered to help you navigate towards the balance you seek. Current options: Live-streamed in onsite at Mukunda Yoga Center – 1250 Folsom Street.  For more details, please email

Live Streaming Group Classes are here to stay… And it’s working!! Join any group class by streaming from and enjoy a guided practice from home. While in-person classes are the best, this option has proven to offer many benefits to maintain a regular practice when commuting or limited time make it otherwise challenging or impossible to make it to class…and you can take this class from anywhere in the world! Join by scheduling HERE.

Give your team a yoga break so they’ll return refreshed and ready for whatever’s next or to help them unwind from an intense workday. You have the option to reserve a specific time and day just for your office for a premium price or to join a reserved time shared by up to 5 other offices for a discounted price – currently all classes are live-streamed. Either way, your team will be able to live stream into any class held at Mukunda Yoga as an additional perk. This benefits all levels of well-being for the company and those who give their best to you everyday.

Download my 10-min guided meditation