The following classes are held at MX3 Fitness in the Castro — 2nd Floor Group Fitness Space — 2336 Market Street near 16th Street. 
The schedule will be updated soon to reflect this change of space but the current days/times are correct.  

***PLEASE NOTE – Group Classes and Private Sessions are NO LONGER HELD at M SPA YOGA***


  • Beginner:  Requires little to NO previous experience with yoga. Also open to those who prefer a more gentle class.
  • Intermediate:  Requires previous knowledge of yoga OR engagement in weekly physical exercise and openness to learn poses.
  • Mixed Level:  Provides space for all, from beginner to advanced with direction to move deeper into poses if appropriate.
  • Workshop: Targets on particular aspects of yoga through discussion, demonstration and practice and is not a regularly sequenced hatha class in most cases.


  • The class offers a deep, moderately challenging practice with balanced focus on ease & relaxation.
  • Includes basic warm-ups, sun salutations, poses to help with balance, strength and flexibility.
  • Includes focus on breath and movement, deep relaxation and very brief guided or silent meditation.
  • Each teacher will vary the sequence and style of teaching based on their own practice.

 Hatha Flow

  • Based on the Integral Yoga practice, adding in more poses and less rests per class.
  • Slightly more challenging class with more focus on transitions and breath and body coordination.
  • Open to all, particularly energizing for those with a regular yoga practice.
  • Offers the concept of flow in all areas of life to consider how we can “flow” through life on and off the mat.

What is Hatha Yoga?

It is widely understood that yoga comes from India, but it’s not always widely known that yoga is 3000-5000 years old and is much more than a series of postures for the body to negotiate. It’s a full, body/mind science (not religion) that ultimately unifies the body/mind/spirit towards equanimity and clear understanding of universal truth. While this can seem like a leap to imagine going from stretching on a yoga mat to becoming a liberated and enlightened being, this is precisely the path that ancient yogis recognized would emerge as a timeless longing for spiritual seekers at some life-stage or another. It is also true that any level of practice is beneficial and not all of us are meant to follow one path.  There are various types of yoga practice and the asanas (yogic postures) are just one of eight that are explained in yogic philosophy. (Read more HERE)

Hatha Yoga simply refers to the overall path of yoga dealing with strengthening, cleansing and purifying the physical body by way of postures (asanas), breathing practices (pranayama) and purification practices (satkarma) to name a few. All of the many and different styles that are offered in yoga studios fall under the umbrella of hatha. When a class is defined solely as “hatha” this typically means the focus of the class points to the balance of effort and steadiness, moving with ease to develop inner and outer power and strength. Sometimes, hatha is labeled as a gentle, easier style of yoga and as with the phrase “abstract painting,” there are many interpretations which may be subjective and may or may not be to your liking!

Some would define Hatha in this way: “ha” to mean sun and “tha” to refer to moon. Hatha yoga being a practice that balances feminine/masculine, the yin/yang, receptive/active. It is the play of the dualistic realm that our human body is governed by and which teaches us the laws of this life and being in this material world. But hatha can also be interpreted as ‘effort’ and ‘force’ which relates to the activity of the poses to affect the spine and abdomen where healthy maintenance offers graceful aging, aiming to counter the side-effects of daily physical and emotional stress.  Though this has looked different through the centuries and results will vary from person to person, the human form still battles imbalances that are relative to the time and place of each person’s existence.

Read more HERE and HERE.


  1. Plan ahead and book your class online/mobile at MX3.
  2. Wear comfortable, loose fitting or athletic clothing. (remove socks and shoes)
  3. Plan for parking and arrive at least 5 minutes ahead of class time to get settled.
  4. Bring your mat, towel, cushion, etc. (Also available at studio so not to worry if you don’t have)


  1. Avoid eating at least one hour before practice and 30 minutes after a practice.
  2. If you have uncontrolled high-blood pressure or are pregnant, these may not be the right classes for you.
  3. If you’re thinking you won’t know what to do, know that’s just your mind playing tricks on you – don’t give in to negative thoughts!
  4. Yoga is a practice that leads to improved health and wellness over time. Don’t expect one or two classes to “fix” everything!

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