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Has anyone ever told you what a beautiful digestive system you have? I mean, wouldn’t that be a nice compliment?! But what a funny thing that most of us have no idea what our small intestines, ascending colon, or stomach lining actually look like, let alone much awareness of our lungs, our liver, our brain, or the quality of our lymph. If we could see these, I wonder how much more we’d consider what we eat and how we live? Not only does the food play a huge role, stress and other external factors can activate 75-90% of our illnesses according to There must be some reason why that mystery of health is hidden from plain site. Our skin gives us some clues to the health of our digestive system which I learned with my lifelong journey with eczema until 2008. Just like our inner Light, we can be unaware of our birthright which is to thrive and have optimum health.
A great story that Swami Divyananda has shared in various talks, speaks to this great mystery of our most hidden treasure. I’ve heard her share this a handful of times but never made notes, so here’s my best attempt at the story:

An old story from India shares of a suspected diamond thief has heard through his resources that a precious, highly prized diamond will be transferred from one museum to another. The skilled thief is able to figure out at what time and on what overnight train the transfer will take place. He manages to secure a seat in the same car as the traveling jeweler who will have the unusual and very expensive diamond. The thief dresses in a 3-piece suite and knows that in order to play his part well, he must appear as sophisticated as the jeweler. He manages to keep a low profile and at nighttime while the jeweler slept, he checked all around the luggage and pockets of the jeweler in search of the diamond. For hours, he worked very slowly and carefully, thinking of every possible place the diamond could be. But nothing! Morning approached and the thief had to surrender to his failed search. The jeweler awoke and said hello to the thief, preparing to depart the train as the security staff were nearby. The thief realized he had lost his chance and simply bewildered, he impulsively spoke up and whispered to the jeweler: “I’m sorry but I must tell you who I am and what I had planned. I know you are the jeweler who is transferring the great diamond and my intention was to steal it from you. But I looked everywhere while you were sleeping and did not find it. Is it not with you?” The thief was beside himself with failure. The jeweler said, “I knew who you were the moment I stepped on the train and realized I was in trouble. So, I chose to hide it in the one place that I was certain you wouldn’t think to look.”  And the jeweler reached over to the vest pocket of the thief and pulled the diamond out of his pocket and held it tight in his fist. “I put the diamond with you knowing that would be the safest place.” We will look everywhere but inside ourselves to find that diamond of happiness and pure bliss. May we always remember that it may be difficult to find at times, but it is always shining brightly and resides within the self.


Now in order to maintain a healthy body inside and out, it does matter what we put inside our body. It makes a difference how we influence our body, mind and spirit. Anything that our senses react to becomes the fuel for our entire system. Whether our food choices or visual information, our circle of friends or lack of community, our health and well-being adapt and responds to all of this. Taking a break from the same, same, same and letting the quiet spaces have full reign, can be a healthy practice. Fasting not just from food, but from news and social media, from certain social connections and guilty pleasures can help us move back on track to our body’s healthier rhythm. And the habit track may be so deeply grooved that we need some serious help at times! No surprise – it’s just the way this body/mind works! Addiction and compulsive behaviors are very common and accepting that has been part of the way out of them for me. Everyone manages to find their way and rather than judge or figure everyone should do it your way, my hope is that we each find our way.

If you’re looking to know more about your gut microbiome, I’ve discovered an amazing resource called, Viome. After analysis of your gut microbiome, the Viome app will let you know what superfoods will support your gut and why, and what foods to avoid. They will also create a uniquely formulated supplement and probiotic for you that can bring the right balance of bacteria and flora to your specific digestive tract. I’ve been taking the supplements for almost 2 weeks and I’m thrilled with the results at this point. I was shocked that apples were on my avoid list because my gut has an overgrowth of the apple mosaic virus. My favorite snack has been apples because I thought they were a healthy snack! Not for my guts…. Maybe one day again, but for now I need to let that virus simmer down in there! 


Speaking of things working smoothly and well, what is a community like when it’s out of balance? What is a world like when we aren’t able to recognize the importance and contributions that many good and wonderful people have to offer? I love that today is also National Zero Discrimination Day, inspired in 2013. Here’s what they have to say in regards to their movement for this year:
“Discrimination and inequalities are closely intertwined. Intersecting forms of discrimination, be it structural or social, against individuals and groups can lead to a wide range of inequalities—for example, in income, educational outcomes, health and employment. However, inequalities themselves can also lead to stigma and discrimination. It is critical, therefore, when looking to reduce inequalities to address discrimination.” -UNAIDS – download their brochure HERE.

And on THAT topic, adding more awareness for what contributions and unique perspectives that women have brought to the world table are crucial for the well-being of our world balance. Let’s learn more and celebrate Women’s History Month!

(This blog is still in process… full blog to be completed soon)

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