Reflecting back on one year ago, noticing what’s the same and what’s different… Obviously, there’s the pro-longed shelter in place order, then there’s the presence of our current outlook on life regardless of time or other external circumstance

It helps me get perspective, when I’m reminded how much fluctuation there is in the material world on any given decade, year, month, day… And while this is an exceptional moment in our personal history, it’s one of many incredible moments in this human-planet experience. There’s not much we can 100% depend upon except that things will change. One moment there’s happiness, the next moment that exact happiness can turn into sadness. Which one do we decide holds the truth? It’s just the way of our mind to shift and turn and the sensory-based nature of our basic instincts. It’s not so easy to remember that the brightest message of life’s truth is already rooted within us and so we look everywhere else but to the deepest voice within.

And why is it that a step into Mother Nature where there is constant fluctuation of life and death, why might that help us feel more connected to our quiet center? Is it possible there’s a message in her ever-cycling nature to teach us about equanimity? Amongst the flow of life and death in the leaves and mud, continuous changes occur in what seem to be a non-judgmental process that appear magical and even harmonious. Can Mother Nature help us if we listen to her constant voice that mirrors all existence?

It wasn’t all roses a year ago. What my eyes saw and heart felt as real, has shifted away from emotional immaturity into messengers of a wiser self today. What was never enough feels to be reshaping towards a singular longing of peace.  What was missing is growing wilder and more abundant, flowering in directions less imagined. And that helps me think that the certainty of what I feel now, will very likely be tested if not broken, and refined to become a clearer view of some tomorrow.  So as long as I keep asking the questions of what’s true and what’s real, I feel like I’m on a useful path. The message is more about shifting from expecting things to go one way and accepting things might not go our way because we forget and think we’re completely in control. Seems this could be a humbling moment that hits everyone differently and presents quiet opportunities that may never be heard if our ego is too loud. Outside forces will always challenge us, a storm for the ego… but we’ve also seen the resilience and creative expression of nature and people through the most difficult times.

What happens when there is calm and quiet, when things slow down and the habitual noise stops moving all around? Nature has a response and the  progress of preservationists has created more visibility in nature and the animal kingdom these days (read this article at and I think each of us has our version of a response to this as well that ranges from every angle and degree. Knowing when to let go and when to hold on is a massive part of this journey.  From one moment to the next, it could flip-flop and surprise. Holding on to a lover, but letting go of our spiritual practice. Then we realize letting go of a lover and holding on to our spiritual practice might be the way. Maybe there is no right and wrong, but a place where we meet ourselves in the full light of the present time.  Where the past filled with tears brings the most beautiful smile to the present.  When we can remember how May flowers got here, we’ll be filled with greater compassion and deeper understanding of what efforts we can make to bring healing to this world. 

Build your yoga practice and let that be steady effort that weathers through all the changes that will happen. Anything that you can commit to that uplifts and supports the journey of awakening your best understanding of your truest self could be a good thing to explore right now. Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to the nurturing mom’s of this planet who gave us life.  And to our Mother Earth who provides an opportunity for our greatest awakening.


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