Mayurasana | Peacock Pose
by Mukunda Marc Morozumi (Posted in the May 2017 Integral Yoga Newsletter)
Mayurasana is a balance pose that when practiced in full expression, resembles the balancing head and tail feathers of a peacock while the yogi balances on the hands with elbows pressing into the abdomen. This abdominal pressure is where deep benefit occurs: concentrates on the navel center, aids in boosting digestive fire, strengths and tones the digestive system, benefits the circulatory system and assists with stabilizing healthy weight.
Here’s a gentle version of the pose using a prop that will bring great benefits and for this months tip, consider adding this pose to your practice:
  1. Choose a rolled yoga mat or blanket, stiff pillow or a block as your prop.
  2. Kneeling in front of this prop, shift forward and rest your abdomen on top.
  3. Be sure to adjust so the prop is just above the pelvic bone and below the ribcage. (Make adjustments so that you’re able to rest without straining)
  4. Ideally, your prop is stiff enough that it’s adding decent pressure into the abdomen. There may be initial discomfort on the abdomen, so do your best to relax and allow the body to soften down to receive the massage.
  5. Rest briefly at first to get accustomed to this gentle variation of this pose. Stay as long as you can be comfortable, body essentially in advasana position (resting prone pose)
  6. Roll off to one side and pause in side-lying to gently come out of the pose or shift up to table top then child’s pose for a few rounds of breath.
Mayurasana is offered in Level 2 classes with Integral Yoga. But simple variations of this pose as listed above can be practiced in Level 1-2 classes to offer the benefits from this powerful asana. Surprisingly enough, getting comfortable with this abdominal pressure may be a big help in getting into the full expression of the pose. May-ur-asana be easeful and joyful!

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